Teacher mobility


The teachers working at the UFISA partner universities may apply for a teacher mobility scholarship.

1) From Finland to South

The teacher exchange from Finland to South is planned to take place in autumn 2014 and spring 2015. The length of the teacher mobility is 2-3 weeks.  The teachers participate in teaching and planning and organizing of the intensive course hosted in one of the partner institutions in South (Polytechnic of Namibia). In addition, the teachers participate in teaching in the local courses offered by the African partners (a minimum of 5 hours per week). 

2) From South to Finland

The teacher exchange from South to Finland is scheduled for autumn 2014 and spring 2015. The teachers participate in teaching at a hosting university (Aalto, Laurea, or University of Lapland) in the main thematic courses.

All teaching must be part of the curriculum at the hosting university, minimum of 5 hours of teaching/week. The teachers in exchange will receive financial support to cover travel costs, living and accomodation costs.

How to apply:

Interested teachers submit an application to the coordinating institution Aalto University School of Science covering the following topics:

• Timing and length of stay (approximately)

• Hosting university and academic contact

• Estimation for costs (travel and accommodation, to be agreed with the hosting university)

• Work plan: the teaching must be a part of the normal curriculum at host university (visit takes place during the teaching periods) and there needs to be at least 5 hours of teaching per week

Download the application form for teacher exchange. The UFISA steering committee will make a decision which candidates will be funded.

See the teaching periods under Academic calendars


The visas required


Teacher mobility (staying under 90 days)

From Finland to South Africa

no visa required, return ticket needed

From Finland to Namibia

no visa required

From Finland to Botswana

no visa required

From South Africa to Finland

Schengen visa (appr. 60 euros)

From Namibia to Finland

Schengen visa (appr. 60 euros)

From Botswana to Finland

Schengen visa (appr. 60 euros)


For more information, please visit the following websites:

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