UFISA student mobility

Small group activities

The student exchange is planned to take place in autumn 2014 for students from Finland to South and in autumn 2014 and spring 2015 for students from South to Finland. The student mobility is planned to be one full semester of 4-5 months.

Student mobility scholarhips:

From Finland to South, scholarship/student: travel 1000-1600 € max. (real costs) + monthly rate 400 €/student.

From South to Finland scholarship/student: travel 1000-1600 € max. (real costs) + monthly rate 800€/student.

For students coming to Finland, the coordinating university will provide the insurance as well and cover some visa-related costs (up to 400€ max).

Please note that the scholarship may not cover all of the living costs. The student needs to pay for the accommodation deposit and rent themselves, so it is important to reserve some money for that prior to and upon arrival. The first part of the scholarship will be paid at the beginning of the exchange studies.

Language of instruction

All teaching and supervision of exchange students will be in English in all partner universities.

Recognition of exchange studies

The completed exchange studies will be included into the students’ degree at the home university. Students in exchange in Finland will receive an official trancript of record of completed courses. Students in exchange in Africa will receive a certficate of completion of project/course activities resulting into local credits. The completion of the intensive course will be recognized at the home universities of each student. In addition, upon completion, all participants will receive an additional course certificate provided by the coordinating university including detailed information about the content of the course.

Student and support services

The universities will use the existing student and other support services for incoming and outgoing students and staff. For arranging accommodation in Finland, the students will apply for it in the same way as other incoming exchange students.

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