Polytechnic of Namibia in partnership to advance service design


A news article on UFISA was published in the e-news of Polytechnic of Nambia:

"The Poly has partnered with five universities – three Finnish and one each from Botswana and South Africa – to establish the “User Centered Design for Innovative Services and Applications” (UFISA), a North-South-South project funded by the government of Finland.

A Poly delegation, consisting of two Master’s students, Tomas Ongwere and Joshua Ddamba, and Gereon Koch Kapuire, a lecturer in the School of Computing and Informatics, recently returned from Botswana where they attended an intensive course that focused on service design with communities.

The two students said they enjoyed the social dynamics and ideas shared during the course which allowed them to establish relationships with students and professors from other countries and universities who were all involved in the service design process. The course also allowed for the sharing of experiences and teaching methods and planning for future collaborations on student and staff exchanges."

Read the full story here (pdf).


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